25 May 2008

Watercolour Painting

Here are some of the watercolour techniques I needed to think about in order to produce this amazing painting:

Choose a broad brush and use it to wash the paper with water
Switch to a finer brush; wet it and then dab it dry on a paper towel
Select a colour, starting with the palest
Look closely at the colours and shapes you see
Add a bit of detail to show flowers or leaves
Try not to leave any of the paper blank
Dab the last of the water off with the paper towel
Leave it in the sun to dry

Why not come to the classroom and take a closer look at my painting? I would love to know what you think of it.

09 May 2008

Sketching at Chateau de Penthes

Yesterday we took our clipboards, some stiff white cartridge paper and a 3B drawing pencil to Chateau de Penthes. We were going to do some sketching.

I decided to draw the view towards the lake and the mountains. Take a look at my sketch.

How do you think it compares with the real thing?

03 May 2008

Where in the world? continues.....

"What's black and white and warm all over? A penguin in a wetsuit; a wetsuit is what divers wear to keep them warm in the water. Anyway, Pierre the penguin is 25 years old who lives in California (North America). He is losing his feathers which means he can't swim - it's too cold. So they made him a wetsuit."

Rekik wondered why he could swim in cold water without feathers, but that a penguin couldn't.
"Penguins' feathers are waterproof; that's what keeps the cold water out and so keeps them warm. They don't have fat like we do."